Complete Guide on How to Reset JIOFI Device

This blog will show you the step by step guide on how you can easily reset JIOFI Devices. Simplest steps that can help in ensuring that your device will not be damaged in any way.

See the instructions below:

To make a hard reset of jiofi, you can simply open its back cover and reset it by pressing the reset button. As I pointed out above. Its dashboard login address and we can manage all the settings of jiofi hotspot gadget in it. So let me tell you how you can log in to jiofi.local.html. 

  1. First, go into jiofi.local.html or in the URL bar in your phone or pc web browser.
  2. Then, you can handle all the settings of your jiofi and can alter passwords, SSID name, etc. 
  3. Changing the jiofi password and SSID is very easy. As I have pointed out above, By logging into, we can handle all jiofi settings. 
  4. To alter its password and SSID, visit the JIOFI Dashboard or official site.
  5. Click Settings and after that on Wi-Fi. on this page, we can see our current security key (password) and SSID (wifi name). 
  6. Now you can alter the password and SSID, just go into the password and the SSID and then click on Apply. Now has actually altered the password and SSID of jiofi.

You can reconnect by entering your brand-new password. We have actually altered the jiofi password and SSID. Similarly, we can change the login username and password of the jiofi Control panel. As I discussed above, its default login password and username is the administrator. First, you log in with this username and password in the jiofi control panel.

To replace the old username to your new username on this page. 

  1. Enter your current password in the password and after that after getting in the new password click Apply. 
  2. Clicking Apply, your password, and username will be changed. 
  3. After clicking on apply you will be logged out from the jiofi Dashboard and now you can log in again with your brand-new password and username.

For this, you simply require to download jio4gVoice App on your phone. So let me tell you how you can do voice calls by connecting with jiofi to your phone (Official Site). Very first download jio4gvoice on your phone. You can download this app from Google Play. After downloading you open it. now click the jiofi and Now you have to verify it.

This will be validated by entering OTP in jio4gvoice. After confirming, you can voice calls, video calls, text messages, to any telecom number to your phone. local IP address Interface Icons, External Interface Micro-SD card user interface, Micro-USB port, Mini-SIM interface Connectivity WAN: LTE (2300/1800/850 MHz), IEEE 802.11 b/g/USB Port (Tethering)1Battery2300mAhBattery Backup6 hours. Micro SD Card SlotYesDimensionsWidth 55 mm, Height 16 mmPower SupplyAC: 100-240V; DC: 5V & 1AStandardWAN: LTE (2300/1800/850 MHz)Device Connectivity31 Wi-Fi gadgets + 1 USB tethering (as much as 10 gadgets advised)Jiofi default username and password is the administrator.

But if you’ve ever changed its username and password And now you don’t even remember – jiofi.local.html. So you can hard reset it. Let me inform you how to hard reset JIOFIIt is easy to reset just open the back cover of jiofi and press the reset button with pinAfter resetting, its password, SSID, login username, and password will all be defaulted.

And if you don’t remember jiofi wi-fi default password. You can see it by removing the battery think you understand that we can insert SDcard in JIOFI. There are a number of advantages of SD card slots in jiofi. We can upload, download and erase any file by inserting a card in it. This is the reason I have actually answered the regularly asked questions about jiofi and jiofi dashboard address (jiofi.local.html )jiofi default username and password is “administrator” if you do not remember jiofi password then you can hard reset jiofi. after reset jiofi, the wi-fi password is the default. You can see it by removing the battery. Yes, you can utilize any jio sim in the jiofi hotspot device. jiofi speed depends on the network, but completely jio network area download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds of as much as 100 Mbps.wps () button is actually a security secret.

if anyone understands your jiofi password you can off the WPS button then nobody connects with jiofi. As long the WPS button is off.this is a jiofi login dashboard IP address, You can change the jiofi password in the control panel and likewise handle other settings. To Know your JioFi number send out SMS” to form a Jio number or to from any other mobile number.

I have offered you the total details about this. You can inform us in the remarks below for any issue associated with jiofi router or jiofi.local.html/, We will help you to repair your problem.

In Conclusion

Tabulation Constructed so that it fits in a pocket, the JioFi is a portable hotspot device, permitting the users to experience cordless surfing. The customers can now make video calls, voice calls, download images and documents at superfast speeds, in a hassle-free and efficient manner. Securing your JioFi is extremely essential, especially when you are sharing your connection with others.

Refer to the steps given below to alter JioFi Password in minutes! Link your Phone or Laptop Computer to the JioFi device Open your web internet browser Gain access to ‘http://jiofi.local.html’/ or ‘’ Select the Login alternative, given on the top right corner Get in the username and password as ‘administrator’ Under the ‘Settings’ tab, click ‘WiFi Settings/Configuration’ Reset JioFi Password, based on your desire Click ‘Save’ to apply the modifications The users can easily reset JioFi password, by simply accessing the offered URL, using a web browser.