What to Do When Windows Has Discovered an IP Address Conflict

If you have an internet connection from a broadband service provider, it is possible that your computer will be encountering an ip address conflict. This will cause Windows to receive a warning message stating that two network adapters are incompatible with each other. You can also Find your IP address here.

What You Need To Do

What you need to do is stop the conflict by checking if the conflicting adapter can be reset or if the conflict is related to an existing network connection. After you can resolve the conflict, you should be able to log into Windows normally and use the internet.
Most users reported that Windows has detected an IP address conflict, and now we are going to share with you how to solve this problem in Windows 10. To do this, just press the right key on your keyboard to bring up the task manager. Click on ‘Network’ then click ‘Properties’. Check if there is an entry for your modem or router in the ‘Interface’ box.
If you find an entry that says ‘Connected’, then it is safe to proceed to click on ‘OK’ and then click on ‘Apply’. Once you press ‘OK’, you will find yourself back in the Task Manager again and should be able to login to Windows normally. If you encounter an error message asking you to restart your computer, you might have to run some diagnostic tools to diagnose your problem.
When the conflict is fixed, you should be able to connect to your computer using the internet again.

What More?

You can then perform a scan by downloading a tool called “Ping-Tunnel”. This tool will detect your network adapter and allow you to ping the IP address of the other network adapter. If the packet does not arrive, it will display a message telling you that your connection has been dropped.
After you have finished diagnosing the problem, you should then be able to reconnect your internet connection to Windows. The connection should now work correctly. You might also want to read about Log into

Hopefully, this article will have given you some useful information on how to do when Windows has detected an IP address conflict. I hope you found this article useful.
If you still experience a problem, please contact an internet help desk to get your problem resolved. An internet help desk will be able to give you detailed technical support on how to resolve your problem.

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